Strong Box was founded in 1985 to meet the need for weather and vandal resistant enclosures. In 1991 Strong Box joined V.I.T. Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of tree support products, to provide the highest level of quality products and services in the landscape and irrigation industry.

Our Commitment: Quality products, sales and technical support, prompt product availability and after-sale service.

Weather Resistant
Non-stainless products deteriorate rapidly in wet environments. Strong Box 100% stainless construction is the solution for weather and environmental problems.

Vandal Resistant
Strong Box 100% stainless construction provides greater strength (85% stronger) to protect against vandalism. The natural finish allows for easy removal of graffiti.

100% Stainless Steel Construction
Made with materials 85% stronger than carbon steel, the rust proof brushed finish allows for easy removal of graffiti and produces a chameleon effect providing a unobtrusive quality.

Three-Point Locking Mechanism
Three-point locking mechanism, flush mounted access handle, dual locking system and heavy duty continuous stainless hinge insures maximum security.

Flush Mounted Access Handle
Dual locking system provides cam style lock and provisions for a padlock.

Continuous Carriage Bolted Hinge
Carriage bolted hinge enhances appearance and allows for easy removal of door for maintenance.

Door Seal & Continuous Carriage Drainage Channel
Ensure weather protection with water-tight seal and continuous drainage channel.

Louvers For Cross Flow Ventilation
Louvers at the top and bottom of the enclosures provide cross flow ventilation.

Filter Screens
Filter screens deflect errant water spray and protects against entry of dirt and insects.

Removable, Pre-Drilled Backboard
Removable, pre-drilled backboard allows for easy installation of the controller and related components.

UL Listed NEMA 3R
Strong Box enclosures have gone through the rigorous testing at Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and have been certified to meet the NEMA 3R rating.